The Add Glyphs sheet is a simple interface to add glyphs to the current font.

To open the sheet, choose Font > Add Glyphs from the Application Menu or use the shortcut keys ⌃ ⌘ G.

Use the text input area to fill in the names of the glyphs you would like to create, as a space-separated list.

The new glyphs can be added to the font as empty glyphs, or as template glyphs if the option Add As Template Glyphs is selected.


option description
Import glyph names from… Import glyph names from saved character sets.
Add unicode Try to set the unicode values for the given glyph names automatically.
Sort Font Sort the glyphs in the font (alphabetically).
Overwrite Glyphs Overwrite glyphs if they already exist in the font.
Add As Template Glyphs Add glyphs as template glyphs only. If this option is unchecked, empty new glyphs will be created instead.
Mark Color Click on the color swatch to open a color picker, and choose a mark color for the new glyphs.

Simple glyph construction

The Add Glyphs sheet supports a very basic glyph construction syntax to build new glyphs from components. Example:


Use @ to align components using anchors:


This example requires the base glyph a to have an anchor named top, and the accent glyph acute to have an anchor named _top (underscore prefix).

It’s also possible to assign an arbitrary unicode value to a glyph when creating it:


The Glyph Construction language provides a more powerful syntax for building new glyphs from components. See Building accented glyphs with Glyph Construction.

Last edited on 01/09/2021