RoboFont offers 4 different kinds of licenses:

license type valid for… extendable? payment mode
Trial License 30 days no free
Student License one year no free
Student License Service one year yes yearly subscription
Full License unlimited time one-time fee

Each type of license is described in detail below.

Trial License

The Trial License allows anyone to try out and evaluate a fully functional version of RoboFont, for free, for a limited period of time (30 days).

The evaluation period cannot be extended.

The app can be downloaded here, or using the Download button in the homepage.

To continue using RoboFont after the evaluation period is completed, please upgrade to a Full license.

Educational Licenses

Student License

RoboFont supports education by providing a free one-year license for students.

Student Licenses can be requested by teachers (not by students) using the Student License Form.

Once the request is approved, teachers will receive a customized license which they can distribute to their students.

Student licenses cannot be extended. See the Student License Service if your students need RoboFont for more than one year.

Student License Service

The Student License Service is a subscription-based service which gives teachers and school administrators more flexibility and control over student licenses.

For more information, see Student License Service.

Full License

The Full License is an individual license which gives one user full access to RoboFont.

A Full License can be purchased here, or using the Buy button in the homepage.

Payment is made via the FastSpring platform, which supports credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Volume Discounts

If you wish to order a large amount of Full Licenses at once (for example, to equip a large studio or research institution), the following volume discounts are provided:

quantity unit price* discount
1-10 license(s) € 400
+10 licenses € 300 -25%
+20 licenses € 240 -40%
+30 licenses € 200 -50%
+75 licenses € 160 -60%

* the unit price will be multiplied by the number of licenses

Upgrade Discounts

Users who bought a RoboFont 1.* license after the 8th of March 2017 get a full discount on RoboFont 3. Get in touch with your order number for more details.

Users who bought a RoboFont 3.* license after the 1st of July 2020 get a full discount on RoboFont 4. Get in touch with your order number for more details.

Users who bought a RoboFont 3.* license will get 50% discount. Off course you can always opt in to pay full price :)


Reseller discounts are not available. RoboFont licenses must be acquired directly from the developer.

Last edited on 01/09/2021