The Boilerplate Extension is a dummy RoboFont extension which serves as a template for creating new extensions. It is hosted on GitHub and configured as a template repository – so you can use it to create new repositories with the same directory structure and files, and a fresh commit history.

Different developers have different ways of organising extension sources. The Boilerplate Extension demonstrates a simple scheme in which all files are stored in a single repository, and the extension is built from the source files using a script:

rf-extension-boilerplate ├── source/ │ ├── code/ │ ├── documentation/ │ └── resources/ ├── build/myExtension.roboFontExt │ ├── lib/ │ ├── html/ │ ├── resources/ │ ├── info.plist │ └── license ├── ├── ├── license.txt ├── myExtension.mechanic └── myExtensionMechanicIcon.png

contains the ‘source files’ which are edited by the developer
the generated extension package which is distributed to users
a script to generate the extension package from the source files
a markdown file with information about the repository
defines the terms under which the source code is made available
a yaml file with metadata for installation with Mechanic
an icon to identify the extension in the Mechanic extension index
Last edited on 01/09/2021