The Bezier Tool is an interactive tool to draw Bezier contours. To activate the tool, you can click on the pen icon in the toolbar of the Glyph Editor or you can select “Drawing Tool” in the Glyph application menu.

RoboFont supports both Cubic and Quadratic bezier curves.


Actions with an active drawing contour:

action description
click Adds a line segment to the outline
⇧ + click Add point constrained to x, y or 45° of previous on-curve point.
drag Add BCPs. All new points will have a smooth attribute.
⇧ + drag Move BCPs of last added point on x, y or 45° axis.
⌥ + drag Remove the smooth attribute from BCP.
⌥ + click on open contour Connect the active countour with the open contour
⌥ + ⌘ + click Add a point on a contour.
move over starting point Indicates if the contour can be closed.
double click Add a point and close the contour.
right click Add a quadratic off curve point.
right click + drag Drag the added quadratic off curve point.

Actions with no selection:

action description
click on open contour last point Make the open contour the active contour for drawing
click anywhere else on the canvas Start a new outline by adding a point on the canvas

If the option Use Shift 45° constrain is selected in the Glyph View Preferences, angles will be constrained to multiples of 45° degrees instead of 90°.

Arrow keys

action description
arrow keys Move last added point by 1 unit.
⇧ + arrow keys Move last added point by 10 units
⇧ + ⌘ + arrow keys Move last added point by 100 units.
Last edited on 01/09/2021