Guidelines are moveable lines which can be used as visual aids during the design process. They are defined by a point and an angle, and are not part of the glyph’s contours.

Guidelines can be of two kinds:

font-level (global)
displayed in all glyphs
glyph-level (local)
displayed in one glyph only

Each guideline may also have a color attribute and a unique identifier.

Adding guidelines

To create a new guideline, right-click on the Glyph View and select “Add Guideline” from the contextual menu

Removing guidelines

To remove a guideline, click and drag it outside the Glyph View. You’ll see a X appearing near the cursor.

Editing guides

Guidelines can be edited with the Guidelines Sheet or the Guidelines Inspector.


action description
Click + add guidelines hot key (default is G) Add a guideline
Click + add guidelines hot key (default is G) + ⌥ Add a global guideline
Double-click on a guide Open the Guidelines Sheet
Drag out of the view Delete the guideline
⌥ + drag Rotate the guideline.
Mouse over Cursor displays guideline values.
Drag over point in glyph Snap the guideline to a point.

Guidelines Sheet

All guideline properties except color can be edited with the Guidelines Sheet, which can be opened by double clicking on a guideline using the Editing Tool.

option description
Name The name of the guideline. (optional)
Position The guideline’s center point as a (x,y) coordinate.
Angle The angle of the guideline.
Is Global Make the guideline global (font-level) or local (only this glyph).
Display Measurements Display measurements where the guideline interesects the glyph.
Magnetic Determine how fast a dragged selection should snap to the guideline.

Contextual menu

Some global guidelines properties can be edited from the Glyph View contextual menu (right-click on the Glyph View)

option description
Lock Guides Lock all guides (global setting)
Remove Guides Remove all glyph guides.
⌥ + Remove Guides Remove all font guides.

Guidelines inspector

The Guidelines section of the Inspector can also be used to edit the guideline’s attributes, including its color.

Last edited on 01/09/2021