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RoboFont 4.0 introduces several new APIs, like Merz and Subscriber. You are probably excited about the new opportunities offered by these modules, but how should you approach the update of existing tools? We got you covered. Every example shown in the RoboFont documentation has been updated to Merz and Subscriber. And the RoboFont team is also helping developers updating their extensions.

Here you can find a list of scripts and extensions before and after the update. Usually, examples are the best way to wrap your head around new concepts. If you updated a publicly available tool and you want to show it here, you can edit the documentation, or let us know on the RoboFont forum.

scripts RoboFont 3 RoboFont 4
synchronizeSpaceCenters.py OLD NEW
listLayersTool.py OLD NEW
multiFontGlyphPreview.py OLD NEW
openComponentInNewWindow.py OLD NEW
pointDistance.py OLD NEW
stencilPreview.py OLD NEW
simpleFontWindow.py OLD NEW
drawReferenceGlyph.py OLD NEW
addToolbarItem.py OLD NEW
earMarkGlyph.py OLD NEW
GlyphViewMetricsUI.py OLD NEW
showBody.py OLD NEW
addGlyphEditorSubviewExample.py OLD NEW
customToolActivator.py OLD NEW
customGlyphWindowDisplayMenu.py OLD NEW
customInspectorPanel.py OLD NEW
simpleExampleTool.py OLD NEW
polygonSelection.py OLD NEW
extensions RoboFont 3 RoboFont 4
Shape Tool OLD NEW
Glyph Nanny OLD NEW
Eyeliner OLD NEW
Last edited on 01/09/2021