The following script leverages the power of Subscriber to synchronize multiple glyph editors across different fonts to the current glyph with a tiny amount of code. The script uses the to avoid aligning also glyph editors from the same font.

Did you know you can have multiple glyph editors opened from the same font? Just press alt when clicking on glyph from the Font Overview

from mojo.subscriber import registerGlyphEditorSubscriber, Subscriber, disableSubscriberEvents
from mojo.UI import AllGlyphWindows

class GlyphEditorSubscriber(Subscriber):

    debug = True

    def glyphEditorDidSetGlyph(self, info):
        glyph = info["glyph"]
        glyphEditors = AllGlyphWindows()
        with disableSubscriberEvents():
            for eachEditor in glyphEditors:
                editorFont = eachEditor.getGlyph().font
                if != and in editorFont:

if __name__ == '__main__':

Last edited on 01/09/2021