Opening OpenType fonts

OpenType fonts can be opened in RoboFont in the same way as UFOs: using the Open Font dialog, or with a script:

f = OpenFont('myFont.otf')

What is imported

Glyph data
from the glyf and cff tables
Kerning & Groups
from the kern table
Font Info

from various tables:

  • head
  • name
  • OS/2
  • hhea
  • post
  • gasp

What is not imported

OpenType features
present only in compiled form, cannot be imported as readable code

Saving OpenType fonts to UFO

Use the Save dialog to save an open OpenType font to UFO, just as you would do with an UFO font.

UFO lib key

When saving an OpenType font to UFO, RoboFont stores the path of the original binary font in the font.lib under the key:


This key is used by the Batch extension, for example.

Using extractor directly

Extractor is a library embedded in RoboFont, so you can access it through the scripting window.

import extractor

Check the repository readme for some examples on how to use it.

Last edited on 01/09/2021