Dear users,

RoboFont 4.1 is OUT! Lots of bug fixes, a few tweaks to the UI and better support for BigSur & Monterey. Here’s a list with some of most important updates:

  • Anchors and Guidelines can now be edited through a popover instead of a sheet
  • The subscriber docs were improved since 4.0 release

  • The guideline angle knob now rotates in the same direction as the guide it edits

  • Join selection got a little bit smarter. If you select two end-points and some other points, instead of closing the open contours, RoboFont will still join the selected end-points
  • “xHeight cut” display option in Space Center has been renamed “Cut Off”. You can now edit it with cmd ⌘ when no glyph is selected
  • 4.1 adds support for space center underline selection, you can activate it through the Preferences Editor
  • The docs fancy a new shiny Custom Lib Keys page

Check the release notes

Download available from

Last edited on 01/09/2021