Dear users,

RoboFont 4.3 is mature enough to be shared with you all! As usual, lots of bug fixes, user interface improvements, and a few adjustments on the APIs. Here’s the list with the most important updates:

  • FontTools has moved to DesignSpaceDocument v5. Tools like Batch and Skateboard work with the new format, but they do not support discrete axes.

  • Add support for ctrl ⌃ + alt ⌥ + delete to completely remove a glyph from a UFO (including layers, kerning and groups).

  • Keep unsaved glyphs into account while testing external changes. It avoids loosing data not saved on disk when reverting.

  • Add support for dark mode and new toolbars on macOS 11 and 12.

  • Point coordinates are typeset in italic if “Slant Point Coordinates” is on in the Preferences

  • Adding a guideline with shift + g + click with an italic angle will apply the angle to the new guideline

  • Display dragging lines with the italic angle if “Slant Point Coordinates” is on in the Preferences.
  • Add anchor popover accept slanted coordinates, again, if “Slant Point Coordinates” is on in the Preferences.
  • Massive reorganization of the subscriber docs. It’s now easier to share single methods with HTML anchors.

  • General improvement on the mojo.UI docs page: deeper hierarchy, categories, overall review of docstrings

  • Reload operation in scripting window are now undoable.

  • Add Reset Beam to space center settings menu as alternate of “Beam” (alt ⌥).

  • Add Omit Mac Names in RoboFont tab in the font info sheet.
  • Update internal GNFUL list.

  • Remove local FDK support.

Be aware that the minimum macOS version has been raised to 10.12.

Check the release notes

Download available from

Last edited on 01/09/2021