Dear users, RoboFont 4.2 is out! Lots and lots of bug fixes, user interface improvements and a few changes to the APIs.

Here’s a list with some of most important updates:

  • Layers management moves to a popover accessible from the Glyph Editor and the Font Overview.
  • It is now possible to synchronize mark color, unicode and width across layers
  • In the glyph editor, you can now jump to a component base glyph with alt ⌥ down + triple click
  • The Space Center supports the /?@layerName syntax. It shows the current glyph from a specific layer
  • The Subscriber API gets two new shiny functions:
    • mojo.subscriber.listRegisteredSubscribers lists all the active subscribers
    • with disableSubscriberEvents() context disables all active subscribers while the context is active. This is especially useful to avoid circular events when a subscriber triggers another subscriber, that might trigger another one, and so on. Here an example on how to use it
  • The SmartSet API gets a new editing context with SubscriberEditor(). Check here a few examples on how to manipulate programmatically smart sets
  • Save test installed fonts to a folder inside the application folder
  • According to UFO3 spec, outlines can have an off-curve first point. It may sound silly, but there are reasons for that. Check the updated docs.

Keep in mind that the minimum macOS version has been raised to 10.11.

Check the release notes

Download available from

Last edited on 01/09/2021