The Python section of the Preferences contains settings related to the Scripting Window and the Output Window.

Syntax coloring

The main table allows the user to customize the code editor’s coloring scheme. Each entry in the table stands for a different type of term in the Python language. To change a color, double-click its cell and use the Color Well to edit the color.


option description
Font The font used in the Scripting Window, Output Window and Features Editor.
Background Background color of the Code Editor.
Text selection Text selection color in the Code Editor.
Clear text output before running script Removes the output in a scripting window of a previous script.
Use Future Division Use relaxed float division. Example: 10 / 3 = 3.3333. Otherwise, the result is clipped to integer: 10 / 3 = 3.
See Numbers and arithmetics: Division.
Live update output Update Scripting Window output during script execution.
Debugger Background Background color of the Output Window.
Debugger text Text color in the Output Window.
Pop up Output window Open the Output Window whenever something is printed, or when a warning is raised.
Script folder The default folder for Python scripts. The Scripts menu shows a list of all .py files contained in this folder.
Last edited on 09/12/2017