Sort Glyphs sheet

The glyphs in a font can be sorted using the Sort Glyphs sheet, which can be opened by choosing Font > Sort in the Application Menu, or by clicking on the Sort icon in the Font Overview toolbar.

The sorting order supplied by the Sort Glyphs sheet is kept in sync with the glyph order in the font, which is stored in the font lib under the key public.glyphOrder.

The Sort Glyphs sheet applies sorting options to the current font only. To define global sorting options for new fonts, use the Sorting Preferences.

Smart sort

Use the default sorting algorithm, a combination of matching rules and some preset values.

Character Set

Use one of your saved Character Sets to sort the font.


Create your own sorting pattern using a set of matching rules.

sort type description
alphabetical Self-explanatory.
unicode Sort based on Unicode value.
script Sort based on Unicode script.
category Sort based on Unicode category.
block Sort based on Unicode block.
suffix Sort based on glyph name suffix.
decompositionBase Sort based on the base glyph defined in the decomposition rules.
weightedSuffix Sort based on glyph names suffix. The ordering of the suffixes is based on the calculated “weight” of the suffix. This value is calculated by noting what type of glyphs have the same suffix. The more glyph types, the more important the suffix. Additionally, glyphs with suffixes that have only numerical differences are grouped together. For example, a.alt, a.alt1 and a.alt319 will be grouped together.
ligature Sort into to groups: non-ligatures and ligatures. The determination of whether a glyph is a ligature or not is based on the Unicode value, common glyph names or the use of an underscore in the name.
ascending Boolean representing if the glyphs should be in ascending or descending order. Optional. The default is True.
allowPseudoUnicode Boolean representing if pseudo-Unicode values are used. If not, real Unicode values will be used.

Sorting glyphs with List mode

The Font Overview window, when in List mode, offers another way to sort glyphs: based on glyph attributes. Just click on a column header to sort glyphs based on the data in that column.

click on the column headers to sort glyphs by different attributes

You can use this approach to sort glyphs by color, for example.

Different than sorting with the Sort Glyphs sheet, sorting with List mode does not modify the actual order of glyphs in the font.

Last edited on 27/01/2019