Some useful modules

working with colors in different color modes, creating gradients etc.
generating html from Markdown sources
some other module
what the module can be used for

Installing modules

Installing with pip

Installing with setup scripts

Installing with git clone

Installing manually with a .pth file

Create a simple text file in a code editor, containing the path to the root folder where the module lives.

The easiest way to get the correct path is by dragging the folder from Finder into a code editor or Terminal – so you’ll get the path without having to type it.

Save this file with the name of the module and the extension .pth in the site-packages folder for the desired Python(s). For example:


And that’s it.

This method creates a reference to the folder in which the module lives.

Testing a module

To see if a module is installed, just try to import it in the environment you wish to work in:

import myModule

If no error is raised, you’re good to go.

  • include other useful external packages
  • expand installation instructions
  • inlude markdown, grapefruit, etc. examples?
Last edited on 24/12/2018