The Boilerplate Extension is a dummy RoboFont extension which doesn’t do anything useful. Its purpose is to serve as a template for users to get started building their own extensions. It is hosted on GitHub, so anyone can fork it and make changes.

Looking at the source code of extensions by different developers, we can find different ways to organize files. The Boilerplate Extension demonstrates a simple scheme in which the source files and the extension live side-by-side in the same repository:

rf-extension-boilerplate ├── source/ │ ├── code/ │ ├── documentation/ │ └── resources/ ├── build/myExtension.roboFontExt │ ├── lib/ │ ├── html/ │ ├── resources/ │ ├── info.plist │ └── license ├── ├── ├── license.txt ├── myExtension.mechanic └── myExtensionMechanicIcon.png

contains the ‘master files’ which are edited by the developer
the generated extension which is distributed to users
a script to generate the extension package from the source files
a markdown file with information about the repository
defines the terms under which the source code is made available
a yaml file with metadata for installation with Mechanic
an icon to identify the extension in the Mechanic extension index
Last edited on 20/11/2018