Smart Sets

The Font Collection can hold a number of Smart Sets. A Smart set is a list of saved search and find queries. Smart Sets can be organized in binders, ake groups.

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There are two kind of smart sets:

Query-based smart sets

Displayed with a litle gear icon.

Based on a list of glyph names

Can display the amount of missing glyphs in the font.

Smart-sets based on glyph names are able to find missing glyphs, and create them by right-click on the smart set item. The counter indicates how many glyphs are missing from the total.

click Set the seleted smart set as sub.
double click Edit the smart set item, can either as a search query or as a list of glyph names.
right click (only for list based smart sets) A contextual menu pops up displaying all missing glyph names and an option to create the missing ones.
click + alt Set all glyphs in the smart set as selected.
click + drag Rearrange the order of the smart sets.
delete (del or backspace) Remove the selected smart set.
Smart set Options
Delete set Delete the selected set.
Export sets Export the sets to a *.roboFontSets file.
Load Sets Loads a *.roboFontSets file.
Export To Group Export the selected set to a group.
Create new set from glyph Names Pops up a sheet where you can create a smart set based on a list of glyph names. (see Adding and deleting Glyphs for how to format glyph names)
New Smart Group Create a new 'binder', Smart Group to store and sort Smart Sets
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Right Click on a smart set

Right click on a list based smart set will pop up a contextual menu if not all glyph are represented in the font. The pop up menu will provide a quick access to add the missing glyphs to the font. Double click a single glyph in the list will only generate the selected glyph.

read more: Search and Find, Adding and deleting Glyphs