RoboFont contains lots of different windows and views, each one connected to a specific function.

Editor environment

Different application windows can be displayed separately or collected into a single window. (Adjust in the Preferences.)

Window mode

Single-window mode

Multi-window mode

Multi-window mode

Font collection


Font collection window

Displays all glyphs in the font, allows sorting with groups, filters, smart lists, etc.

Read more: Font Collection

Glyph Editor

Displays one single glyph for editing.

Read more: Glyph Editor


Both Space Center and Kern Center display a string of glyphs for testing words and working on spacing and kerning.

Read more: Space Center, Kern Center

Scripting Editor

The scripting editor is the place to write and run Python scripts.

Read more: Scripting



RoboFont can easily be extended with additional features and add-ons. Developers can use the Extensions Builder to package RoboFont plugins.

Read more: Extensions


RoboFont allows users to customize many aspects of its interface and behavior through the Preferences window.

Read more: Preferences

Additional sheets and assisting windows

All sheets and assisting windows will apply the changes with 'enter' down and close with 'esc' or 'command+.' down. If a 'close' or 'OK' / 'Apply' button is provided.

  • Jump to glyph
    Accessible in the Glyph Editor and Space Center with a hot key (set in the Preferences)
  • Jump to line
    Accessible in the Scripting code editor and Feature editor with 'command+j'