Technical specifications

RoboFont requires OSX version 10.6+. It is fully compatible with OSX 10.7+ (Lion) and 10.8+ (Mountain Lion).

RoboFont embeds the AdobeFDK version 2.5 change number 58732, but allows the user to use their own installed version of the AdobeFDK if desired. (see Preferences

What RoboFont can do:

  • drawing
  • editing
  • mastering font info
  • spacing
  • basic kerning
  • general PostScript hint settings
  • PostScript autohinting
  • TrueType autohinting if ttfautohint is installed on your system
  • OpenType feature code editing

What RoboFont cannot currently do:

  • PostScript hint editing
  • TrueType instructions editing
  • font mastering
These features can be done with an extension or a script, they are not part of the core application.