from import *

Imports useful helpers when building extensions and scripts requiring app event callbacks.

When subclassing or building tools on top of other tools you can find some embedded tools here

  • installTool(tool)
    install tool
  • uninstallTool(tool)
    uninstall tool 
  • addObserver(observer, method, event)
    Add an observer for a specified event, callbacks will be send to the method of the observer.
  • removeObserver(observer, event)
    Removes an observer for a specific event.
  • BaseEventObserver
    The base class of an observer. 
  • BaseEventTool
    The base class of an Tool 
  • EditingTool
    A subclass-able EditingTool 
  • MeasurementTool
    A subclass-able MeasurementTool 
  • SliceTool
    A subclass-able SliceTool 
  • BezierDrawingTool
    A subclass-able BezierDrawingTool