from mojo.compile import *
  • FDKVersion
    Returns the version of the embedded FDK
  • makeotf(outputPath, outlineSourcePath=None, featuresPath=None, glyphOrderPath=None, menuNamePath=None, fontInfoPath=None, releaseMode=False)
    FDK makeotf
  • checkOutlines(fontPath, removeOverlap=True, correctContourDirection=True)
    FDK checkOutlines
  • otf2pfa(sourcePath, destinationPath)
    Convert a otf to pfa using FDK.
  • otf2svg(sourcePath, destinationPath)
    Convert a otf to a svg font using FDK.
  • autohint(fontPath)
    Autohint a postscript flavored font.
  • hasTTFAutoHint()
    Return a boolean if ttfautohint is installed.
  • ttfautohint(fontPath)
    Use ttf autohint if its locally installed to autohint a ttf file.
  • stemHist(fontPath, useCurves=None, blueZones=False)
    Use FDK stemhist on a binary font. See stemHist help for details.
  • setUseEmbeddedFDK(value)
    Set a boolean if RoboFont should use the embedded FDK.
  • getUseEmbeddedFDK()
    Returns a boolean if RoboFont will use the embedded FDK.
  • executeCommand(command, shell=False)
    Execute commands in the terminal. Commands must be a list of arguments.
    Optionally execute in the shell instead of inside RoboFont