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    Hi everyone, I need a tsunami of skills :)
    I should create a script with python that randomly moves all the points of an imported font of a given range every time I press a key of a letter on the keyboard, in practice, in the “space center” must occur that every time I write a letter, all the points of all the letters move on the x and y axis of a very small range (even with the possibility of not doing it) and this change should remain and evolve each time I write another letter.
    Now, my problem, in addition to being a total noob, is that I would do it with an imported font, without having to draw letter by letter directly in the script, my strongest doubts, for now, are these:
    —Is it possible to do this without drawing the letters of the font directly into the script? by importing a font the points already have a definition?
    —How am I calling them? or, more generally, how do I give a general rule to all points?
    —Is there an input function on keypresses?
    —Once I have pressed a key and the script worked, how do I send it to loop once I press another key, starting from the shapes that were created by pressing the first key?

    Sorry for my bad english.

    it’s for a scholastic project, but in case I carried it forward in some way, I wanted to try to print some experiment, I’m happy to share progress with those who can help me;
    I need a big hand or a big slap.
    Thanks :)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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